What chat messengers do you remember

Aim aol instant messenger
MSN messenger. The BUZZ!!! Good way to wake someone up. Remember this. I liked that app

And discord now is the best

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None. I had no friends lol.

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I had internet friends from espn forums

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What did u do in high school instead I took my internet life seriously

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I also posted on Gaia online and later than that Grasscity a few other forums

ICQ: “uh oh!”

Microsoft Windows Messenger.


Aim, yahoo messenger

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Oh yeah yahoo too

I don’t really remember. I was depressed. And used to go home for lunch.

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Yeah I mean college wasn’t good times either but high school was more depressing and frozen deer in headlights for me college was psychosis and mania and more too. Sounds like we were similar in some regards I mean I sometimes remember high school but don’t remember too much either my myself

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AOL and Yahoo! Didn’t MSN also have a messenger?

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ICQ “I seek you”.

I used ICQ extensively in the 90s, I still remember my ICQ number

Whoah, just checked, it’s still around… https://icq.com

Msn messenger. I remember girls from high school would go on webcam it was awesome :joy:

I used AIM almost exclusively. It’s shut down now.

MSN messenger was the best.
Spent so many hours of my teenage years on there.

AIM, Yahoo messenger,ICQ. I had them, but I rarely used them.

I used Gaia Online and similar forums.
I’m still friends with some people I met on those avatat forums, haha

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