What bad movies have you watched lately?

Nominate your stinkers.

I recently suffered through Sonic the Hedgehog.



I tried watching Night of the Comet a couple nights ago. I loved it when I was a kid but it’s a snoozefest by modern standards.

And last night I tried watching Friday the 13th Part 3.

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Actually I love Friday the 13th III. The first 3D movie I remember watching.


I recently torrented this one:

Only saw half of it as a kid during a Saturday matinee. Frikkin’ projector ate the film so badly the projectionist couldn’t fix it. They gave us a free pass for the next weekend and told us they’d get the movie back eventually. They didn’t. It’s been unfinished business for me for over four decades. Finally saw the second half.

So NOT worth the wait!


Coming to America part 2
It was awful!

Well, at least they’re consistent?

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No I thought that the original movie was entertaining enough but part 2 was just awful!

Thankfully I got to watch it free.

I watched the 5th Friday the 13th last night with my best friend. It was terrible :rofl:


It is a pretty fun movie. Apparently it was out of print for a long time.

I think I just got burnt out on Friday the 13th movies because I watched the first one and a few sequels earlier this year.

I own the eight DVD collection of all the eighties movies in the franchise.


Dog Jack was a really good movie but the acting was horrible

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