What are your racing thoughts like?

Do you have racing thoughts? what are they like usually?

For me it’s a loop the same thing play over and over and probably will never happen or it could be something or someone from the past, I can stop it for a bit then it just comes back again


When I would become hypomanic my thoughts were like lightning, very quick-witted, won a lot of debates with people because my thoughts were so quick that as I was talking I was able to think a few moves ahead. Debating was like a chess match for me. When I would become severely manic, though, it was too much, racing way too fast. I once described it to a psychiatrist as feeling like my mind was running away from me, which I think was a pretty good description.


yeah this is my problem. I have such intense racing thoughts that is driving me crazy =(

My racing thoughts are like my brain is going a million miles an hour. I can’t focus on anything.

I have no idea what my racing thoughts are because I can’t catch them, or even a bit of them to be able to write anything down. Those who are close enough to hear me when this happens just sit and stare because they can’t get a word in edgewise.

@cherie ,

Sometimes I feel like my thoughts are out of control.
It is like to think to much about the same things
over and over again and always get stuck in the same subjects.

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Lots of insecure thoughts, many of which I don’t personally connect with, but yet the emotions of them are kind of forced onto me. So it feels like different personalities in my head. Lots of thoughts of what if I mess this up, or that, and that? And thoughts of the people around me preparing to do something bad to me.

It’s a hard fight to win. I feel i do well ignoring it, but then the weight of all the thoughts is just crushing. It wears me out.

I don’t think I get racing thoughts too much. I have had this when I have been really paranoid. A series of horrible fears coming one after the other. I don’t get racing thoughts in my every day life very often.