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I love people with SZ or people who suffer from some form of SA

I find a lot of difference between people who are normal and me

We are surrounded on all sides by normies. All I have in the way of SZ is this site.


I have never met a normal person in my life. Everyone is a freak in some way.


Most normal people are OK. I just don’t stack up beside them. Schizophrenics are more accepting of me, so that’s a plus.

I don’t like making the distinction myself. It only adds to the negative stigmatism of our overall condition, however I have used the term myself at times.

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Probably the same as non “normal” people… besides… I’m having a hard time finding “Normal” people… because the people who I was sure were… aren’t.

Humans are humans… mental illness or not.

There were some people in my Sz support groups who I liked and admired… there were some who I avoided at all cost and wished they would go away.

I’ve been thinking… if I don’t want mental illness to define me… then maybe I shouldn’t go by… a lack of mental illness to define others.

my kid sis is a neurotypical…


I try not to generalize.

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“Normal” is just a setting on the washing machine.


By normal I mean no severe mental illness. Like no scz, bipolar, MDD, PTSD, Autism or downs, ect.

I think often normal people are wrapped up in societies goals, things like money, status and so on, while most people with sz or sza have disconnected from that to focus on their condition. To me it feels like normies are less emotional, more goal oriented, and show fewer scars from their past. Normies have drunk societies cool aid, and sz people are the wild flowers growing each with an individual take on the world.


There are no normal people. There are just those whose quirks are better hidden.


I treat everyone egual… MUAHAHAH! Im gonna burn in helll

I personally find mostly normal people to be very good friends, yet I also find them to sometimes be very prejudiced. Overall, I like normal people. Severely mentally ill people sometimes drag me down. They can be very depressing…and difficult. I do like you guys though, you all have strong insight.

I actually love scz people, I’m a little obsessed with scz. Part of it is because I relate, I am scz. It’s the depressive and addicts who sort of bring me down. Like people who just can’t stop drugs or alcohol or the people who are so depressed that I worry about their safety.

I find scz to be interesting and heroic- I know how hard it is for us to simply live.

I wish I was normal sometimes. I see strength in scz who stay positive. I mean we are all stereotyped as homeless and insane. It makes me happy to see people deny that prescriptive stereotype.

And yes I used to be a hardcore user of drugs and alcohol, I used to be completely asocial as well. I just find it interesting that you all have had similar pasts or are going through similar things. I can relate.

But I also relate to normal people in real life- one of the things that comes with highly functioning. Like I’m about to start my day studying for two exams tomorrow with a friend. I relate to the other people who are normal who are bright and have work ethic.

It’s a strange world for me. At times I almost enjoy being scz, it’s just so…strange. I also feel like I would give anything to be normal at times. But make no mistake, I would take a cure right this second.

A problem with me being highly functioning is that I contribute to romanticism of the illness. I make it look like scz results in things like academic performance and physical fitness. I hold poor external validity. Extremely poor external validity- I’m an outlier.

However I am quirky and a little bit stereotypical as a raving madman. Complete with aggression and energy.

The guy who diagnosed me said I’m like a male version of lisbeth from the girl with the dragon tattoo- or at least I was at the time. The main difference is that I am very extroverted now and sociable.


I meant to say “stigma”

The only normal people are the ones you don’t know. I was out all morning, it’s a freak show out there. I am as normal as anyone else judging by appearance. AND the way I act. Most people put on a good first impression but if you take a second look and look closely, no one is the epitome of normal. Almost every one of you guys who posted a pic could fit in with the flotsam I ran into today. I’m not saying you guys are flotsam but lots of people look down and out in public. But I am back and forth on liking normal people. Some are cool, lots of them are a*sholes. Everybody out there wants a piece of the pie. I do not come free. I want a piece of the pie too. If their goal want to make me mad, they are doing a splendid job. But I control myself. No touching women, homeless, kids, disabled, or elderly. Even though those groups pick on me.

they make good slaves :imp:
take care :alien:


Seems a bit of a odd question, as many of us probably considered ourselves “normal” before we became ill and likely have some “normal” relatives.

Are we supposed to hate our old selves then? Or are we supposed to hate all normals, because they kicked us out of the “normal” club? Or were we just kidding ourselves-- we were never normal? If we get better, are we supposed to hate ourselves then? And so on.

The only way I can reconcile this question is to be neutral and dislike/like everyone on a case by case basis-- including myself.


I like normals with catsup and a bit of salt.

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I voted neutral for much of the same reasons as @Maggotbrane