What are your most prominent symptoms

Mine are delusions. Sometimes I have hallucinations and disorganized thinking.

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Social interaction difficulties/social withdrawal, anxiety/social anxiety, paranoia

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I also get really bad paranoia.

Difficulties with social interaction, isolation, lack of motivation, and less frequently auditory hallucinations.


Not in particular order.
Social Withdrawal/Paranoia/Delusional Thinking/Anxiety - Phobias, Fears/Obsessive Thinking.

I think that about covers it :slight_smile:


Social isolation is also a major symptom for me. Didn’t think of that one.

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a massive major delusion and serious paranoia associated with that delusion. It is debilitating. I also have depression and PTSD not related to my psychotic illness. I relive the past a lot. The abuse I have dealt with.

Mostly it is my big-azz delusion. I am convinced I live in a fake reality.

It’s interesting, the answers are skewed to social isolation. Maybe that’s why y’all are on the forum. If it weren’t for severe anhedonia and avolition I wouldn’t have social isolation. But I am working on it i think.

Loss of thoughts, poverty of speech, paranoia, anhedonia, delusions, social phobia and difficulties, panic, pervasive anxiety, sometimes mania…

Being a stubborn arse. It thankfully offsets the rest of the symptoms and side-effects.

very severe cognitive symptoms. I had positive and negative ones as well.

I’m a delusional bitch

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Cognitive and negative …

Mostly lack of motivation, social withdrawal, delusions and intrusive thoughts. Also occasionally voices and agitation.

The negative ones.
Lack of initiative, inability to make fast desicions, lack of focus, inability to read body language and pick up on social cues, fatigue, numbness, etc.
The list goes on.

My worst symptom hands-down is anxiety. It makes other symptoms worse and triggers other symptoms, too - not to mention being debilitating all on it’s own.

I fight with my attention span constantly and have trouble organizing thoughts - much less on paper but if I try to talk.

paranoia and negative symptoms. cognitive stuff, social isolation

Hallucinations. Anhedonia.

Negative symptoms are effecting me at the moment. The meds allow me to think clearly enough to ignore delusions but my mind wonders sometimes and I let them take hold.

A serious issue for me currently is motivation, as I had it for work but recently I have been getting down and not being working as hard as I should be.

It’s scary as I chose to work but starting to find it more difficult now and as I live independently I don’t have a choice but to go otherwise I lose my home.

My PTSD symptoms are have been most prominent for several months, mainly dissociation. I think the most prominent part of my SZ symptoms is cognitive issues with speech.

The hallucinations don’t upset me, and the thoughts, delusions, and paranoia are all under control.