What are your favorite films

my favs are videodrome, the skin i live in, fightclub, repulsion, and gilbert grape


I love Videodrome! Classic Cronenberg.

My faves are The Wanderers, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, Taxi Driver, Zombie, the original Dawn of the Dead, and the original Night of the Living Dead.


Fargo, pulp fiction, Donni Darko, memento, comic and star wars movies
I guess that sums it up :roll_eyes:

I’d say mines garden state. Labyrinth n dark crystal. N like Pixar like ratatouille etc lol

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man, I haven’t thought about Gilbert Grape in so long…such a good movie…I don’t think you can get it on netflix dvd…darnit…I want to watch that now…

Star wars the seventies movies…the lord of the rings…roadie, my favorite…starring meat loaf, art carney, gaylord sartain, hank williams jr. Roy Orbison, Alice Cooper, Blondie and Asleep at the Wheel…such a good film…

love 12 Monkeys and anything with old bruce willis in it…love Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Carribean. it goes on and on.

the patriot
my cousin Vinny

grid lock’d
above the rim
Training day

Austin powers trilogy

Shawshank redemption
Green mile
Many more

I like the MCU and a few horror franchises, namely Nightmare on Elm Street, Hellraiser, and Saw.

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Everything horror! :zombie::ghost:

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I really have no idea. I have seen so few movies.

I did like warmest colour is blue. But would not watch it again.

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