What are you grateful for?

I’m grateful I hVe a nice house in this cold rainy weather what are you grateful for?

I’m extremely grateful for the internet. I’m not sure how people with mental health problems ever survived without being able to research, connect with others or just being able to distract one’s self so easily all night long during anxiety and insomnia. Like I really can’t even imagine it, other than it must have been some kind of hell.


supportive family, partner and workplace. And my kitten.

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#1 My family. I probably wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for their support, help, and loyalty over the last 35 years that I’ve had paranoid schizophrenia.

I’m grateful I’m clean and sober. That’s a big one. I’m grateful I’m not courting death or serious injury or serious health problems anymore by smoking crack. Of course I’m grateful for this website, that goes without saying. I’m grateful for most of you guys for supporting me so much when I needed it most when I faced my biggest personal crisis in a decade when my mom died four months ago. I was in pretty bad shape and I lost a lot and I didn’t know if I would ever work again but I got tons of good advice and support from some of you during my worst times and the times when I was feeling down I read your helpful posts to me over and over again and it helped me immensely.


my family… especially my dad… we didnt have much of a relationship before but ever since i was diagnosed we’ve been really close now. he’s kinda like my best friend now. i confide in him a lot. also my psychotherapist i do CBT with.

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all of you here at


I’m grateful for my mother who continues to house me now that I’m in between work and struggling financially.

I’m also grateful for my hobbies that keep my head above water. Nothing like an exciting ufc fight to keep me engaged with the real world. I’m excited about the McGregor-Diaz and Holm-Tate fight this week.

I’m always grateful to anything that keeps my mind occupied in a good way.

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First would be my life, I never thought I would live this long. Then it would be my home, because without it I would not have my pets. My pets are what gives me stability.

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I am grateful for many things, but I am most grateful for my mother. She has stood by me and supported me through so many episodes. Without her I do not know where I would be today. She has stayed up with me through nights when I was so scared of my delusions and she has done more than anyone could have ever been asked to do, even for a mother. When I was hospitilized, on multiple occasions, she visited me every time, and for as long as possible that was permitted. To me she is the most loving and compassionate person I have ever met. Not just to me, but everybody she comes into contact with.

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I’m grateful for Everything . And everything to come

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Eye am grateful that we are all full of greats, tanea likes grapes but there’s not much of an appetite hear, must be that time of year

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It seems all the people I love I should realistically hate, but because hate is not an emotion I really feel. I’d say I feel confusion. I’m grateful for the experience of knowing deeply other beings and the knowledge that has brought me.

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I’m grateful I just got nine hours of sleep. I know there are others on this site whose sleep patterns are mixed up.

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too many things to count these days but to list a few

My GF Yuki, if I lost her, I would probably die from loneliness and a broken heart. (last time I said that and it happened I nearly did die)

My Roommate Nicholas, who is one of my very best friends, even though we only met each other because I posted an ad on Craigslist for a person to help me pay rent!

My best friend and sort of adoptive older Brother Tate, he was my late GF Sam’s older brother and always supported me, even though I never succeeded in anything, and dragged his poor sister into more school drama than that stupid movie High School Musical.

My Lovely Luna, who I bought at 18 and who has saved my life Twice now :smiley:

My smart ass Little Brother, who I bought 2 years later, he is an endless source of amusement and has helped his sister save me.

My delightful Hope, who I rescued 2 years ago, who is just as cuddly as a kitten, despite being a 60 pound lab mix.

And of course though they are gone now

My Beloved Sam, who was always there for me, even though I never deserved her.

My Grandfather, Robert, who loved me even if my bio dad was a loser and a creep, and my conception was completely unplanned.

And Grammy Theola, my step dad’s mother, who loved me as her own, despite her own daughter’s saying I was a worthless bast*rd who wasn’t fit to be around her.

Those are the living things I am grateful for.

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Today I’m grateful i can share nice food with my mother. We went to an old restaurant and have some old fashioned dishes.

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