What Are You Feeling Like Right Now

DNA is feeling gangsterish

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I’m feeling upbeat. I want to listen to upbeat music, but both my roommates are asleep and it would be disrespectful of me to wake them up with my noise.

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Relaxing with my cat and GF.
Got a lot done today.
Maybe I’ll start drinking more coffee.

I’m mad at myself. I had until 11:59 pm to turn in a paper tonight and I didn’t leave myself enough time to submit it. I had my answer written down and all I needed was three more minutes to transfer it online. If I would have been on here or YouTube just three minutes less instead of wasting hours on them today I would have had a good chance for a good grade.

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I am happy and playful and hope to share laughter with others but my heart is sensitive and almost hurting.

My heart hurts in some angles and I humble to it but hope to laugh and love.

I went years with out laughing at all.
I never laughed for years so it’s great to be able to.maybe it’s not often but it does happen.

Trying to sleep.
I need to be up in the morning to intercept a package from the mailman without being detected.
Stealth. And a little dumb luck.

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I’m feeling like a nap so I’ve gone to bed for a couple of hours. Later when I get up I need to do some house chores.

I’m feeling tired… :[
Good luck to all !

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