What are you doing tonight/morning?

I’m watching a movie about the story of one of my favorite jazz musicians Chet Baker called Born to be Blue. While I drink a cup coffee and smoke a few cigarettes. Still kinda bored and looking for someone to talk to.


I am lying on the bed…!!!what time iz it horn…

Its afternoon here… holy gawd…

What do u want to talk…

Commoon 67677555

Hey, @far_cry0. I’m laying in bed debating getting a glass of warm milk. They say it’s supposed to help you sleep. Have you ever tried it?

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Just about to have dinner. Survived the club…most of my friends turned up and we had a great day. Lot’s of beer and pizza!

Not a bad day!


Warm milk is good…go for it…!!


Okay! I’ll go try it!

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@rogueone who won todays match…who do u play with…

haha…no just had a catch up with friends for birthday. Most folks turned up and we had some fun! We are a weird mob down here!

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What time iz it @LED…take extra haldol u will fall asleep then…

It’s 3am here I’m drinking decaf coffee so hopefully I will fall asleep soon. How’s life treat you guys?

Warm milk is good with chocolate in it

Awaiting an omellete for dinner…not a bad cop after an afternoon of drinking !

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Doing some self-study tpwards my CIP. Reviewing Canadian privacy legislation:



Arent u sleeping pixel…

It’s 1am. I already took the max dose of oral haldol that I can. Anymore and I get drooly and zombie like and my legs start hurting really badly. Plus, it doesn’t make me sleepy.

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I don’t sleep much these days. (Stress.)

Lesson 2 done.

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Well, I tried the milk and now I’ve got stomach cramps but I’m not sleepy.

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