What animal would you like to be?

I’d like to be a manatee.

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I would be a cat. A full sentence.

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We were asked that question when I was in a hospital. By far the most popular answer was some kind of cat.

I would want to be a dog. Border collies are my favorite breed, so I guess I’d be one of those. I think it’d be fun, as long as I could turn back.

Cool, but stay away from the boats in the rivers…they are known to slice into manatee’s backs with their propellers.

I would either be a Wolf, but far away from Sarah Palins people…or an Eagle

Yes, I’ve heard that manatees are at great risk due to boats. But I like the idea of being a sea mammal.

ribbit…what kind of animal would like to be humman

I’ve been to Florida several times and seen them close up…there were some at this preserve back in the 90s that had been rescued and still had the scars…

The Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park serves as a rehabilitation and refuge center for injured West Indian manatees

I’d probably want to be a Dolphin if i had to be a sea mammal…though they must watch out for fishing nets…however they can fight sharks successfully!
This is pretty cool

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Kind of like this? he is not a Lynx but one of my Maine Coon cats I had a few years ago…the far off stare reminded me of this pic…

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A male silver back gorilla.

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can i be a bird? a phoenix

Think I’d to be a human in the next life or at least feel like one.

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Maybe it was because of cats’ ability to relax and be aloof.

I would be a domestic cat - indoor/outdoor (cat door).

a dragon.
take care


First choice would be a cat and second a squirrel. A cat cuz I could live in a house and have people take care of me, but could also do whatever I wanted like sleep all day or knock glasses off counters hahaha.

A squirrel because they always look like they’re having so much fun. They just frolic around and play and I always thought it would be cool to just be able to run up and down trees and whatnot.

Some kind of cat animal, tiger, lion, cheetah, house cat…then again I’ve always liked the idea of being able to fly so some kind bird would be nice too like a parrot or a beautiful swan (white,blag, grey, any color would do).