If you could be an animal what would you be?

an otter i love the water and sea food:)


the human - what the heck, I’m stuck with what I’ve got.

shucks im scared now!

A raven for no reason other than I am obsessed with them.

A lion in Africa. They are one of the few animals that have no natural predators that prey on them. Except man.

An orca whale. I think they are beautiful and intelligent.

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A house cat who gets to go outside too.

A snowy owl. :eyes:

20 characters blah blah blah

One of those owls that says who-o-oo-o -

I would be one of my cats or my dog. They are well treated and live happy lives.

Pokemon. Arcanine is a big huge fire wolf. I wanna be that. Or Mewtwo. He’s a psychic humanoid who can use the force.

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I would have to say a bird in the amazon rainforest. I’ve always wanted to fly, plus I love tropical climates.

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I’d be a horse or a tiger…rawr

I’d be a lion. Yooooooo

A ant because it can carry more then it’s own weight

My very two favorite have already been said, and otter because I love the water and they are fun and playful.

An Orca because they are really smart and amazing. The J-pod lives here in Puget Sound and I love seeing them.

Probably a bird of prey, like a hawk - that would be pretty cool

a seagull flying free :smile:

I second house cat that gets to go outside purely because cats are my spirit guide.

Or a goat, I love goats :smiley:!