What a your favourite beverage?

Tea with cream and sugar. :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:

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My favorite is Diet Coke but I rarely drink it.
Coffee and water is what I usually drink.

Milkshakes, golden milk, coffee, COLD classic coke, hot chocolate, cloudy apple juice COLD, water COLD

Apple juice and Powerade (not mixed together).

Cold water :milk_glass:
Hot coffee. :coffee:

energy drinks and coffee, I love caffeine

0.0% beer


I like coca cola but if I buy a twelve pack it’s gone in a day. I love cold water. Our town has wonderful water. I wake up and down a glass everyday.


Whiskey Sour or champagne. I’d love one. I usually end up drinking too much though and then feel sick. otherwise, I guess it would be Pepsi.

What is golden milk?

It has to be ginger ale although I don’t drink it all the time.

It’s extra whole meal creamy style milk.

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Propel flavored water. I can drink like an entire six pack in a day

Pepsi Max Lemon
Mountain Dew
Lactose free milk

LS! My favourite drink is Pai Mu Tan organic white tea.

Sweet tea is my favorite. I also like grape kool aid and orange Capri Suns.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Sparkling water. Especially with lemon aroma.

Diet snapple peach tea.

Mocha frap and vietnamese iced coffee.