Were you treated with dignity while in hospital?

If you were in hospital were you treated with dignity while there?

I was treated with dignity in one hospital I was in, but not in the other. Just wondering what others experience was like.

Never was really…I was used and abused every time


No,I wasn’t.I mean,I had no trouble,but people there have been slapped or fixated very often.But on the other hand,some were treated normally.

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I was treated well in the second hospital I was in. They talked calmly to me and listened to what I had to say. Then they interviewed Mr. Star to make sure it was accurate. I was upset that they didn’t give me vegetarian food the whole twelve hours I was in there, though. The only thing I could eat was the mashed potatoes.

The first place I was in told me they were going to throw all my belongings in the garbage because I stood up and didn’t want to sit back down. Then when am admitting nurse asked me if I had a history of self harm, I showed her my scars. Her response? “Hrm, that looks like nothing,” like she was unimpressed by them.

The doctor told me I seemed perfectly fine and they were going to release me without giving me any medicine or follow-up appointment. I started crying, because I felt like I wasted my whole day in there, and he goes, “Oh, you clearly can’t handle your life right now. You need to be admitted.” At the time I thought he was being a jerk, but now I realize he was helping me out. I needed to appear to be more in crisis to qualify for admittance and drugs.

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I have PTSD from hospital stays . . .


When I was inpatient I was treated really well, by both the doctor and the staff. Because of my experience, I wouldn’t mind going inpatient again if I need to, and that might be in the near future as my pdoc recently told me I need a higher level of care.


I was treated well…both staff and the depressed liked talking to me…

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In all but one. The pdoc lied about all the behavior he reported and that made me angry, to which he added “anger issues”, so I found the door and showed him what anger issues looked like.

Most of the time. A couple of times they made me take a shot. I hated that. For the most part they didn’t pay much attention to me.

I was accommodated and treated fairly. I think it was because my mom was with me the whole time and I was very compliant with staff.

I was treated with a solution of 75% salt water and 25% soap. Those damn head lice are tough to kill.

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I would say yes. When ur psychotic and noone believes you it’s hard to feel people respect ur thoughts. But once stabilized yes.

Aside from arrogant nurses and dismissive psychiatrists, most of the professionals were pretty nice. As far as family and friends go, well…that’s a different story.

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The hospital made my symptoms worse. It was not a good experience.

I honestly wasn’t paranoid that staff were going to infringe on my dignity, Its a mental hospital not a hotel (but you are paying to be there).

Yes, I was treated with dignity (when they understood I was not violent, just didn’t like cops and needles :grin:)

When I was at the mercy of the public mental health system, I was treated terribly. I ended up saving my money and going to a private clinic. Best thing I ever did. Treatment was second to none.

They are all as different as night and day even within 30 miles of each other.

Course it all starts with how you’re brought in. Try to walk in if possible and go voluntary!
If the police bring you in, its all downhill from there…

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Yea for the most part. There’s always one or two overnight staff members who are rude or lack empathy. I’ve had problems with other patients in mental hospitals before. Usually we all get along though and it’s a low key experience.

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In a bizzarre twist of fate, the hospital where the police bought me in, was the one I felt I was treated with dignity.