Were you on an adolescent ward?

I was on an adolescent ward of a mental hospital for several months and we were only in classes 2 hours a day.

I was very sick, maybe the sickest kid there, but I got better when I was discharged. My doctor didn’t want me discharged, I had another doctor overrule him when he was out.

They were all good kids, much nicer than the rich kids I met in the expensive hospital I was originally in.


I definitrly should have gone for depression but my parents just told me not to attempt again and that was that


I was in the adolescent hospital a few times when I was 16-17. I felt bad cuz at the time my parents didn’t have psych hospital insurance and had to pay over $8000 out-of-pocket for my first stay. It was a nice place, we also only did school like 2 hours a day. It also had a swimming pool but we never got to use it.


Yeah. First time i was put in at 11 years old. I was the youngest one there. 2nd time i was 16.


Nope. I didnt even know they existed in the uk (assuming they do).

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Nope. I was a bit troubled. Depressed about home and not fitting in. But kept it inside mostly. (And ran off to party with a psychopath boyfriend :grimacing:). Not troubled enough for a ward.

Sorry you went through that. That must be tough.

I was in an adult ward. It was fun first time round as I wasn’t even medicated seriously the full blown psychotic episode just disappeared at the ward… But then when I left the ward it came back, full blown that next time at the hospital they did have to medicate me and it was not nice… Obviously, I guess cos it’s my first experience with antipsychotic.

I typical me, fancied a guy on the ward.

And there was this funny girl there who was doing handstands in the living room


Yeah, when i was 16. Except i spent the first few months in the hectic adult ward because there wasnt any room in the youth ward. Was transferred eventually. So much nicer than the adult ward!

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I was in an adolescent ward from 16-17. It was awful. The guards were awful and the treatment was awful. I had to use the toilet and shower in front of guards. They had to get my clothes and underwear every morning. They stayed in my room all night long sitting in a chair watching me, or harassing me. It was so horrible and scary and traumatizing



i was fourteen. i had drank four guenneses and picked up a knife after my family called my girfriend a ■■■■. put it back down. four days. there was a guy who thought he was a seagull and a kid who pooped in my shower.


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I was in a young offenders institute, and they transferred me to a secure hospital wing

It was a pretty horrible experience

Lucky I got released on appeal after only a month

After that, I ended up in an adult ward in the community

But I was far gone by then, and they sent me to a forensic ward


When I was 28 I went to a private mental hospital, and they put me on a ward full of very misogynistic adolescent boys. Why I don’t know. I needed to interact with adults.


I was very unwell when i was younger about 25 years ago. They said i had been psychotic for years. I was a late diagnosis. Unfortunately, when i went “mental” when i was younger - it was a hospital wing in the local prison lol.

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I was hospitilized when I was around age 10-11 after I stopped talking completely for weeks and swallowed a bunch of pills. When I got there I got really sick, had a high fever and was in bed with nurses having to take care of me the whole time. They put me on antidepressants and sent me on my way maybe a week later.

It was alright, they had cartoons, good food and even an x box at the time. The other kids there were there for same reason as me, suicide attempts.

I will say though, the earlier the hospitilizations, the better the experience. Just recently my last one was like a scene out of fight club or something. Lots of derranged, agressive horrible people.

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I was put into an adolescent ward after a suicide attempt. I had just turned 18, by a few weeks. They decided to put me in the adolescent ward instead of the adult ward, cause I was baaarely an adult.

They put me on a high dose of Lithium Carbonate. At the time, I did not know that that was a strong mood stabilizer. They never even told me what my diagnosis was. I stayed there for a week.

Once I got out, I stopped the Lithium Carbonate. I slowly went into a really bad psychosis. Lasted for a long time. I didn’t get real help and a real diagnosis until I was 24. I was put on antipsychotics and a mood stabilizer, but this time I knew what the drugs were for, so I stayed med compliant.


I first got sectioned when I was 25 and extremely manic. I literally danced and sang around the ward for hours and hours making no sense. I think mania defiantly damages the brain as I have travelled to many exotic countries but the times spend in hospital completely manic have been the most enjoyable.


No but I got sick at 38 and was in the military. I was a senior officer. I was near an Army base and in an Army hospital.

All of the other patients were like 18 or 19 and were just trying to get out of the Army. There was no one else there even close to my age.

I wanted to stay in the Marines.

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