We're in the time of our life baby

Current mood : :confused:indifferent. I was talking to my grandma about fight club. First it was sunny now …now it’s cloudy

You keep forgeting about the first rule man, makes it impossible that way!

I can’t stop. I controlled myself, too much was exchanged and I think my sister heard us.

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Don’t know what this is, but I like Creations with missing parts.

Lol I forget to stay consistent

Fight Club is a good one… don’t know if I’d talk to my grandma about it.

I almost see it as a inversion of my psychosis.

I started out crazy… then I wound up pouring all my time into my apartment and what to fill it with… creating an extension of myself to find and identity that is continuously being destroyed by an illness that seeks to make me feel irrelevant… which I do regarding the outside world. Aside from the impact on me just standing around people and what I do in personal conversations… to me myself… in my personal life… I am very important… but that is natural.

I mean after all. I will be the central pillar of my own future… and that is something that I want to be great. Which means I have to expand my own capabilities to be better prepared to fulfill my own needs.