We're all under cover

This has been a ponder for me today…

I’m SZ, but I try to fit in when I’m out in public, and if I’m trying to meet an SZ girl who is also fitting in out in public… when we meet how would we recognize each other? Would we write each other off as being too normal? There is no secret hand shake. Maybe by being TOO normal would be the clue that I’m not normal?

I think I’ll just keep looking for kind friendship and not worry about the rest… :wink:
Keeping an open mind to who ever comes into my life with good intention.

A good looking guy like you shouldn’t have problems finding a girl. The right girl is harder, but it’s hard for all ppl to find a soulmate.

Even if you believe a soulmate is out there, if you save yourself waiting for the “right one” you more than likely wont recognize “the one” you wished you’d kept.

And yes, We are both undercover here at my house-under a ton of blankies-because it’s 54 degrees inside my house…it’s cold!

I don’t think that being weird and trying to be normal and fit in would be contradictions of each other, being weird is okay…I don’t think that we should change our selves in order to fit in, we can be our selves, just looking safe and being funny are enough, even schizophrenics can have a sense of humor :wink: , since we look like we’re not interested in people maybe we can try to look like we care…I think it’s simple, the only thing is that we should find the power in our selves to do it…good luck

i look very normal , unless i see some Jedi scum and then i run to find a telephone box to change into my true self the evil dark sith…
take care

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Someone else posted this link before http://www.nolongerlonely.com/ it is a dating website for people with mental illness.

We are all under cover… Who I am out in public is not necessarily who I am in the privacy of my own home. Ex: I wouldn’t cuddle up to my hubby talking babyish as I would at home. We all try to fit in or act like we think we should while out in public.

I think I understand what you are getting at. When I first tried to get clean from drugs I seemed to have a sense of whether the person I was meeting was into drugs or not. It was like somehow I picked up on cues that we were the same. When I was using I don’t think I sensed this as my world was to small. Correct me if I’m way off here but the best way that I can understand what it’s like to be experiencing positive symptoms is to compare what it is like to be very high without actually being high. If that makes sense.

Since researching SZ and coming across terms like posturing and disorganized thinking or word salad and watching my son, I sometimes ask myself if there are ways to recognize behaviors in others that would indicate that they have SZ. I don’t think that there is unless you personally knew the person and was aware of the diagnoses or the person was in active psychosis. I watch my son out in public sometimes and I smile when I watch how he walks. To me he is strutting. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/strut My son has a big ego :smile: To a certain degree this can be considered posturing. A way of carrying himself that is done on purpose and almost seems exaggerated. But then I watch all the other teenagers who are strutting around trying to act like they are not afraid of anything and can take on the world.

My apologies before hand if I offend anyone with this comparison. The other day we were at a coffee shop and a gentleman was sitting at a table by himself having a pretty animated conversation. My son asked me who he was talking to. I said probably his voices. It kind of surprised me that my son didn’t recognize that that is what was happening considering that he has been there before. Recognizing behaviors in other people that we ourselves do is not an automatic thing.

Sorry not to sure where I’m going with all that.

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Thank you for this. This is a bit where I was pondering with this.

I was also sort of pondering… due to some people I’ve talked to both here and in person who are specifically looking for a person to date who is suffering MI. There are also a few in my SZ group who ONLY want a MI gall or guy. One the galls was saying that she could tell just by looking at someone across the room if they were or weren’t. If they weren’t… She had no time for them.

First, for me personally, I want want someone who is in a positive head space, not in the hard core swing of positive symptom. SZ, non-SZ, I want to be a friend first and then see where it goes. I have no idea who will cross my path, but I’m open to whom ever does…

But I was wondering for the sake of this lass… If I’m just quietly walking down the street how can she tell by just one glance half a block away if I am SZ or not? If I’m walking down the street like any other guy and she’s walking down the street like any other gall… would we write each other off? Maybe.

This is very true for me. I’m starting to see that I’m pretty different in public then at home. I guess have to be. We all do. it’s just sort of what happens right? Is anyone the same person all the time? I think I’m getting that concept. It’s sinking in.

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My friends out here in the bay area are interested in the little girls, the skinny ones; they ask what do i think of those girls crossing the street, aren’t they hot, and my answer is how would i know, what I am looking for they may or may not have, no telling from while they are crossing the street in front of their car.

I am a “witch-pricker”, as they say in the OED; I “peer into ladies’ eyes for sorceries”.

That and I listen to what they say.

A girl will sit down and a friend try to get her talking, and I listen and then just turn away.
Mediocre. Nothing there. Way too sane. No magic, Nothing.
Peered into her eyes, found no sorceries.

It’s obvious pretty early on in conversation, behavior,
crazy grils are everywhere.