We're all fictional characters in way

There is a re-occurring fictional character in Terry Pratchett “disc world” books called “the sweeper” he’s a very calm and unassuming man doing a simple task, yet holds the knowledge of the universe and is the man you want on your side. People who don’t know him, mock him until they realize he’s the head of the universe in a very calm and unassuming way… I am working towards this goal of becoming.

But I’m also becoming Silas Marner.

How ever, if I’m really honest with myself… I’m most likely “Beaker” from the Muppets…

My Sis is most likely Anne of Green Gables, very outgoing, very smart and always somehow in the middle of it.

Who else feels more like a fictional character?


I think I wrote that I wanted to be Wonder Woman when I grew up in one of my year books.

I certainly identify with Belle from Twilight :wink:

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I really like Wonder Woman… She was so cool. I always wondered why Steve was such a prat.

Im either guts from Berserk or Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin

Guts was a teenage mercenary and kenshin was a teenage assassin for the Meiji government of Japan. Both of these characters are haunted by their past and become completely different people due to incidents at the age of 19, just like me.


Everyone thought I looked and behaved like Laura Ingalls from Little House On The Prairie. :sunny:

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Laura was my favorite… nicer then Nelly Olson by far and more spunk then Mary.

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I always envied Peppermint Patty’s good sense.

When I was in high school, I wanted a free comic book poster that was only available to 8-10 year olds. I thought long and hard for a few moments, then made up a character of an 8-10 year old boy, complete with name and “superpowers” and became 8 years old to get my poster.
Well, not only did I get my poster, 10 years later, I got a notice from the Military, strongly encouraging me to join.
The poster I still have, but declined the military.

My excape in to cartoon world after knowing that life normaly sucks and schizophrenia life dose too it help to laugh and cry but realty is tought!

lol aren``t we all muppets

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my friend sweep said i am most like Bilbo Baggins from the Hobbit, bc he looks like he has been given a massive challenge and he is sort of daunted by it then he becomes brave after he decides to do it.

the ring in the film must constitute my bad side or the potential to be (not quite myself)

day dreamer i thought you was a girl?

so you are a female hobbit?

i’m a guy alias, 31 year old guy lol

oh ok im sorry.
here have a beer on me like, we man do


i look like dark sith but enlightened like buddha.
take care

I am a professional presenter.
I teach train the trainer, so i teach other presenters how to teach.
I always ask them, who are you trying to do, trying to be like?
For me it’s david letterman and howard stern,
i’m doing my version of that, i usually tell them.
everybody has a different presentation style.

but as a crazy guy, i have a more manic character:
of all the saturday morning cartoons ever,
there was one called “Bump in the night”,
well, i am mr bumpy,
the most manically wild cartoon character i’ve ever seen,
yes, i pattern my life on this creature.


he is the explanation for why socks go missing-
he’s a monster that lives under the bed, eats socks.
voice is some old blues guy,
this monster mr bumpy is just too crazy for anybody to be able to deal with,
like me,
one episode, the aliens come down to invade earth,
but they meet mr bumpy, take him for a ride,
and after hanging out with that guy
and his fun loving mania,
they dump him back on earth and decide
they don’t want any part of this crazy planet.

he’s on the ship, wandering around,
near the controls, he goes
“I’m gonna press this green button,
and blow up EEEEVVERYTHING!!!”

that’s the attitude.
such a psychotic little series,
guessing nobody here ever heard of it,
i’ve been bringing this up since the 80s
and nobody relates,
girls think i’m being nasty
when i talk about “mr bumpy” !!!

here’s the most psychotic episode ever,
night of the living bread -

it’s all on youtube:



I’m a more mature version of Donnie Darko, without the sociopathic type tendencies

It’s good they didn’t have the draft…

Kakashi Hatake or Piccolo.

If I had to pick a fictional character I’d be Huckleberry Fin. Only I’d change my name to Kuckleberry Fin.