Which character represents you?

What cartoon character or tv character most represents you either in looks or personality? Mine would be shinji from EVA. We have a lot in common.

See the resemblence?


Oh goodness! That is you.

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I like to think i am a
Black Widow (Avengers)

I just need a gun.



Love & Peace!!!

same here


I can see some similarities. But you need an earring

I guess… and glasses… and a trenchcoat now that you mention it

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I need this black leather thing. How do you call it?

I don’t know what you are referring to… the jumpsuit?

Yes! Thank you very much. Black leather jumpsuit. For Halloween and house parties.


I could see that being very expensive… probably not as much as my red trenchcoat (and robot arm with hidden gun in it)

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Yeah I will have to work for it

That you will…

Pretty kewl though right:

That guy also reminds of someone…from some comedy movie…which I can’t remember :imp:
But it was about weed and had a juice in title.

I’d also try and choose either Gene Starwind or Spike Spegel… from outlaw star or cowboy bebop respectively…

or the luckiest man in any anime… Tenchi


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Yes! Wow you are reading my mind tonight lmao. That blond guy with a punk hair. Looks like your guy.

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Not that many movies with juice in the titile… especially not pornographic ones

Nope, its not that movie. Never mind, I hate googling things like ‚Äėblond guy movie character with lots of piercings‚Äô o.O

BTW, when you mentioned that…
Someone should make a support group for people traumatized by what they saw watching porn.

My sister thinks I’m a dead ringer for this character from the movie Frozen…