Went to my doc today

Got all new meds…they asked if i needed to go to hospital…we decided if the new meds dont work ill go to the hospital so i hope it works…


I hope they made a better choice than they did with the previous meds.
So what symptoms have you had, what meds didn’t work, and what are the new meds they put you on?

Take care of yourself, good luck on the new meds.

I’m glad you got to see the doctor.

Symptoms of dissociation including time loss and fugue states were part of what got my dx changed from sz to Complex PTSD with dissociative features. Also, they say the hallucinations have a different quality.

I am a mess and have no advice for anyone except I do like my counselor and he helps me frame this mess.

I hope you feel better and the new meds work.

I hope the new medicine works for you. What you were going through sounded really frightening.

Really glad to hear that. Fingers crossed.

I hope things get better with the meds. Take care, Flame.

Hope things work out for you better this time. Good luck, my friend

I hope your new med’s work, but it’s no catastrophe to go to the hospital.

Which meds were you on? What are your new meds?