Supposed to be like this

After i was hospitalized my mind went into overdrive, Complete panic. My symptoms rapidly became worse. before falling asleep i could hear my dad, first time experience. im diagnosed with disorganization but became a lot more disorganised, put on my helmet before going outside, go to the train an hour early, put boiled egg on top of my scrambled egg, just a lot of weird stuff. my delusion of perceutory became worse. im fighting myself and everbody in here to get the best help, mentally, im always on step behind myself and the workers… and activities. my motivation to exercise has dropped and i feel empty and lonely. i dont want to meet my family anymore, seems like everbody uses me and i end up head deep in shi*.

im just wondering, are those good signs or bad?

the two doctors i went to before hospitalation told me that hospitalisation probably would make me worse, did they play a trick on me? i dont know

just delete this post if i make things worse.

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It’s not unusual. It does take times for the meds to work and it depends on you and the dosages.

Hang in there and keep on the treatment. It’s never easy but you can come out the other side! I can attest to that!

yes still take your meds and be open and honest about what you are believing or thinking…you can find hope in that…it will get better if you stay on your meds.

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