Went out to eat Mexican food today

I went by myself. It was alright. The food was great and I paid for it with a gift card my sister gave me. I was sandwiched in at a small table between a mother and her teen son on the left and a mother with her teen daughter on the right. It could have gone bad. But it didn’t. Everybody was all smiles, the hostess who showed me to my table was nice. The guy who brought me my diet cokes was OK. I got a look from him like I was being a little self-centered and maybe I was.


Speaking of Mexican food I’m hungry for Chinese all of a sudden. Chinese buffet more specifically although my paranoia spikes when they follow me around with their washcloths wiping up every little spill. I was just thinking that with our minds you and I can be a little self centered all we want.

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taco my best gail, she cook up old style Mexican food

Last week I went to a Chinese-German food restaurant. The food was good but an hour later I was hungry for power.


Interesting! So do they serve sauerkraut dumplings or General Rommel’s Chicken?


I have Mexican every day- Delicious!!

I do not go to restaurants …

I have a diet that consists of mainly Lean Cuisine frozen dinners…spicy Korean beef with squash and rice is my favorite but there is also things like salisbury steak with macaroni and cheese and steak and broccoli with portabello mushrooms. I crave mexican food something awful but it’s so damn fattening !!

The only Mexican food I ever get is Taco Bell, though I do enjoy it. I get Taco Bell for lunch pretty much every day that I work at the pharmacy, since there is one right nearby. I never go out to real restaurants unless I’m dating someone, and I haven’t had a date since last spring. I can’t afford to date or go out to real restaurants, and I probably won’t be able to do so for some time to come.

My OCD is acting up again.
I’m getting my usual food drugging Paranoia so I don’t go to restaurants anymore.
I really feel that Risperidone worsens my OCD symptoms.

lol! You’re so funny Nick! You never fail to make me smile :blush:

I just shared that joke with Mr Turtle!

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I have to try Mexican, my favourites are Chinese and Indian food… Mmmm! I’m gonna try Mexican next time. I love corn chips with beans and jalapeños!!

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Ha. Thanks Turtle.

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That sounds like a nice time out @77nick77. Definitely sounds more interesting than my ham and cheese sandwich that I just had.

All this immigration has brought in some good food.

I live off sandwiches

I am going to get a steak dinner tonight

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Nice! I love steak, but I haven’t had one in over a year. I like mine cooked medium, nice and pink. I tried medium rare once, but I couldn’t do it; that’s partially raw to me.