Went on my first boat ride yesterday!

dad is always asking me to go out on his new boat but i always refuse saying "i am the curse of boats’ haha because of all the times i was out on the water and the boat broke down. but no problems yesterday, it was actually a really ■■■■ day before that, non stop voices and paranoa but i agreed to go for a boat ride and salvaged the rest of the night. but from now on, i will only take the boat out on the weekdays as there is just too much weekend boat traffic on saturday and sunday. there is a restaurant that caters to boaters that dad and i may go to sometime soon, so looking forward to my 2nd boat ride.


I am terrified of boats and being so far away from land. My father was a Sea Captain, I am a total disappointment to him.

Sounds like you had a great day out.

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Yeah, I’m terrified of boats too. I hope your 2nd trip is good too.


I was just talking to my brother about this!
He wants to go boating for our vacation.
I said no thanks!

I’m scared of getting stranded or drowning! :scream:


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