Went number 2 right before landlord and plumber got here

I am dumber than the plumber. Nothing against plumbers. Just wanted to rhyme that.


Ok Mods where are ya. made this dumb thread.
@sweetpotatofries demolish this thread like you’ve never demolished a thread before


I would have said
Went number 2 before the plumber rolled thru… just saying that was an opportunity that you missed lol


Well we are getting work done across the road in our property and when we entered I could smell something and I’m assuming the builder went number 2 :crazy_face:


Bombs away!!!



Ah poop. :poop: :icecream: 15

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If ya just went number 1 it coulda been all said and done. But toodily do ya ate too many prunes and had to do a number 2



I’m sorry but you are only allowed to talk about poo in recovery context only. Please consult your professional team before deciding to poo whenever and whenever. Stay on your poo schedule as much as possible. It is a kindness to others if you would at least use Hawaiian breeze before inviting others into your home. Thank you for your understanding. @Vokz


Lol that was a good laugh @sweetpotatofries


ive peed in a lot of non functioning toilets on job sites … had no other choice loooll i feel bad for the plumber who had to deal with that :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:


Years ago we were washing a tile roof at a customers house and one of my guys plugged up the downstairs toilet of the homeowners house. Then the other technician plugged it even more cuz the first guy never said anything about it.

Homeowner flips out and actually unbolted the toilet and put it on his driveway.

He said “i dont know what your guys eat but this toilet is completely clogged” my buddy was like “just chicken and rice mate” :sweat_smile:

So i took the pressure washer and blasted it out onto the driveway and washed it into the sewer :rofl:

Gave the homeowner 100 bucks off for the inconvenience and said “ah what a shitty day eh” :laughing:

Good times lol


loooooooooool what a story

  1. Number one: Pee
  2. Number two: Poo
  3. Number three: Get the ■■■■ out of my way.


I enjoyed this constipation.

I also can’t tell you how you should poo. I can only tell you my own experience with my poo. You may feel side effects when pooing. Let your doctor know about these side effects as soon as possible, if serious. I can’t stress enough, you must poo on a regular basis or it won’t work. And don’t tell others not to poo. Good luck with your pooing. The end. @Vokz

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