Wellbutrin has drastically improved my negative symptoms

ive been on wellbutrin for a few weeks (300mg) and im amazed that i wasn’t prescribed this a long time ago. Ive been showering, been playing video games etc. I hadn’t showered since September of last year and ive showered two times in a week now… Ive also been playing video games that i haven’t touched in years. My main severe negative symptoms are i don’t bathe for weeks or months, i cant enjoy video games, im socially isolated, cant hold a job ect.

I was a skeptic as antidepressant treatment for negative symptoms is not studied very well but wellbutrin is a different type of antidepressant. Its a shame to.because my teeth are all rotted, if i was prescribed wellbutrin years ago my teeth would probably be in much better condition.Im definitely not 100% my old self but id say im better by at least 40-50%. Ive also tried sarcosine and nac which did nothing, been on many antipsychotics etc. If you have severe negative symptoms like me its worth a shot to ask your doctor for wellbutrin. There’s also antipsychotics that are in treatment for negative symptoms that will Be released in 2023 which is good.


It didn’t work for me, took 150mg for one month, it made me a bit paranoid and had difficulty sleeping at night :slightly_frowning_face:

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good to hear that wellbutrin helped you so well =)

My psychiatrist said Wellbutrin can help negative symptoms in some ppl, thats why he prescribed it to me. It raises dopamine in the prefrontal cortex of the brain so supposed to increase motivation.


The only thing that worked for my severe negative symptoms are partial dopamine agonists, Abilify. But Abilify caused other problems, addictions. I want to try a different partial dopamine agonist, Vraylar, but its not available here in Canada.

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Sorry to hear that, maybe sep-363856 or xanomeline you can try when they come out?

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Yea this one, its now called KarXT, its in clinical trials phase 2 for negative symptoms and phase 3 for psychosis now.

Have you not tried l tyrosine before? It works similar to wellbutrin increasing dopamine and epinephrine. But the problem of these is that the effect is temporary and soon dopamine down regulation take place requiring upping the dose which starts to create problems like heart palpitations, insomnia and other things.

So do you think the effects of wellbutrin will not last for me?

Ive tried vraylar and sadly it didn’t help my negative symptoms. caplyta is supposed to be good for negative symptoms to.

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yes its just a temporary relief period. effect is similar to l dopa used in parkinson.

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Wellbutrin sent me into delusions and hallucinations. It wasn’t a good time.

I’m glad it has helped you!

How long will it last?

it depends but you can do one thing in the mean time that is to create habits and schedules. For example create a habit to brush teeth daily at least once. Bath one time at least once in every 2 days, go to bed at fixed time at night and wake at fixed time on morning using alarm clock. Try to limit nap during daytime to less than 30 minutes. Exercise or workout at least once a week. This way emulate a normal person daily routine. This then becomes a habit which you can follow as a rule even if negative symptoms come back.

I’ve been on Wellbutrin for a few years now. If I miss a dose it hurts me. Be careful to not miss any doses, because it might make you very depressed.

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What antipsychotic are you on?


Yes 10mg and 300mg wellbutrin

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Did it help with boredom from Abilify?

Because Abilify makes me bored and sad most the time

I didn’t get boredom with abilify

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