Well...who likes hockey?

Done watching the NFL

Done for the season, of course, but are you saying you’re done for good? I was disappointed in the outcome of tonight’s game, but I love NFL football. I’m a Lions fan, grew up in Michigan, so I primarily just watch their games and the Super Bowl. .

Yeah this Super Bowl was yattas

Just don’t enjoy watching football anymore, plus the team I route for (redskins) have only been adding to the depression for the past 20 years

I can understand that. The Lions have never been to a Super Bowl, not to mention that 0-16 season a few years ago, but they have what is at least a decent team now, so that gives me hope. Maybe your Redskins can turn things around! I understand if it’s not worth the heartache you go through, though.


As a Red Wings fan, I’m glad I have plenty of schoolwork to distract me this season.

The Wings are doing that badly, huh? I don’t follow hockey or basketball, just a Lions and Tigers fan.

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8 games under .500. It’s been a good run, but it had to happen sometime.

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Love it, it’s the only sport where if a guy steps out of line you can fight him.

Five minute penalty that’s it.

And there is nothing like a slapshot hitting the upper corner from the blue line, i don’t know how they do that.

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I love hockey but my team sucks. The red wings

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