I have a head ack now for a week and a hafe , and for five days a cough that wakes me out of my sleep and coms down after I drink water, weird my temp is 68.7 and blood levels slite up. with normal 78 over 132. shortness of breath after walking a block. I am going to see my DRs pa. in the morning. man I don’t need this………


I hope you feel better

Yeah I hope you feel better soon @DrZen

Get well soon @DrZen

@DrZen, could you have covid19?

? do I think I have it. I do not know. if you don’t here from me tomorrow well, its be nice. your friend Zen

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Well I hope you feel better soon!

Make sure you call them instead of going straight in there. Wouldn’t want to endanger anybody.


after hours of waiting the Dr said they didn’t need to test me , cause I had no fever. and he look me over and run some tests I have upper restpotory and a lung stuff from past smoking. other then that, I;m a live.

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Yay! Good news DrZen !

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I seem to have shot myself in the leg.

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