Well, it looks like I’ve got the day off work

Like I posted before, it’s a real mess out there; a snow and rain mix. I’m not going to let it go to waste, though. Maybe a mixture of both responsibility and fun if I’m lucky. :sunglasses:


We were supposed to get that weathery mix here in ny too. I planned for it cause I had a dr appt this morning. Thank god we didnt actually get it, it missed us this time.

That’s odd. I’m in NY and we were hit yesterday and getting a little right now.

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Im upstate by the capitol.

Ah. I’m edge of western NY, close to PA and CNY.

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Im in IN and we got hit yesterday and its snowing again now. Not too bad though. Lots of icy patches

its been snowing the past couple days off and on here.

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Did you braved the weather and took Maggie out for a walk?

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No, I managed to get back to sleep for awhile fortunately. Havent taken her out yet today. It’s 15F here atm. Maybe a bit later.

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Can she handle that type of weather or do you put her a coat on?

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I have no clothes for my dog, no. She could probably handle it for awhile. She likes walks…

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I think I have a dog soul. I like walks too.

I hope it heats up where you’re at. I really hate it when it goes below 0°C (32°F).


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