Welcome to your life

welcome too your life, there is no turning back, even while we sleep!!


24, 4 ,7 ,25 ,28 ,33

i deserve to too win the lotto

my dreams are on the way…

a 2 year holiday on a sunny island, cigars for breakfast, champane for lunch

im working as a professinal gambler, the past 10 years, i am trying to figure out lotto numbers which ones will match the one’s i pick :kissing_heart:

Gambling isn’t in your favor 100% of the time.

There’s some odds to think about.

i am up profit since i started

You are a lucky man @san_pedro

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i only play roulette, and do the lotto, i don’t work, so the only extra money i get is mostly from roulette, and im up 1000s since i started, the most i won in one night was £2500 euro, so one’s luck can be in sometimes

Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Good tune. I especially like the lyrics: “Help me make the most of freedom & of pleasure.”

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