'''Roulette'''' and 12 years of experence testing my luck and playing it

ive served my time playing roulette im playing it 12 years believe it or not I am up profit since I started playing, my record winning total was from gambling just $20 euro and winning £3000 euro with in 1 hour playing it, that’s a profit of £2980euro!! I have learnt discipline gambling, I mostly only bet on one number each spin,
I test my luck each day bringing only 20 euro each session, some days any profit is taking out swiftly im happy with 70 euro for the 20 euro any type of profit does the trick,

im due a Christmas bonus from the roulette table $$$ my idealogy is the roulette is similar to a saving box, you put money into it and then some days it gives you it all back 10x times and more haha

im a member of the casino.

my nickname playing roulette is ‘‘the one hit wonder’’ because I only pick one number each spin haha


I hope you have a Christmas win pedro.

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Omg. Pedro I thought you were talking about the Russian Roulette that you play with a gun!

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