Weird, gross, symptoms

I used to throw up every day, involuntarily. I was in my late twenties. But somehow, sometimes, it would mess me up psychologically and send me into a spirit crushing, scary, hell, and I would have to be hospitalized. I really can’t describe it better than that. I had to be hospitalized (psyche ward) 4 or 5 times in addition to being confined in an evaluation room several times. It even caused me to be put in restraints twice. I can’t really put into words why throwing up sent me to the psyche ward. I would just be in my home OR out in public and i would get this overwhelming sinking feeling and I would vomit and have an episode. It’s kind of weird because I got clean and sober while in the middle of this throwing up period.I was living in a Temporary Residential Treatment home at the time. I was drinking but I had stopped the crack. But one night I wandered downstairs and discovered an AA meeting that was held every Thursday night. I stared attending but I could only sit 20 or 25 minutes before I had to go upstairs and throw up. I did this for weeks and weeks. I finally snapped out of whatever was wrong with me because I got a job. I was going to work one day and I felt like throwing up but the realization hit me hard that if i kept throwing up, I could not possibly keep this job. That realization literally snapped me out of it for good instantly. I’ve never had that problem since. But I had endured it for more than a year.

i had the same thing, i threw up every morning for a year maybe longer and i was taking omeprazole for a weak stomach lining, i think my condition was because of nerves and a poor diet than anything else tho and i ended up getting hospitalised and treated for an ulcer in the end.

it was very difficult, its not nice waking up feeling sick and throwing up every morning so i feel for you, i was also throwing up when i heard something i didn’t like or something scared me.

I wish something would snap me out of my weird, gross symptoms. I don’t throw up, but my symptoms are weird.

Throwing up from anxiety was what made it so I couldn’t function in society anymore. The paranoia that leads to anxiety get so overwhelming that I get nauseated. Normally I’d be able to just deal with the paranoia and anxiety, but you can’t really do anything while vomiting every 20 mins to an hour. Benzos seem to help, but they put me in a daze and make me not really care about anything.

But yea, I really hate vomiting.

I too get a bit freaked out when I end up ill enough to actually throw up. There is a lot of energy involved and it’s amazing how much my ribs hurt after wards. I always think I’ve been poisoned when it happens.

i throw up a lot too. smells do it, tastes do it, fear does it…just about anything really. my kids r so used to it, for them it’s normal for me.

I threw up daily for about two years, I rarely went a day where retching or full blown vomiting, I got accused of being bulimic whilst in hospital (thankfully they didn’t diagnose because I didn’t present with other symptoms), I was full blown PTSD and psychosis at the time, m anxiety was so high, maybe that’s what you were going through? And it relieved when you got a job because you had routine and less time to focus on your thoughts?

Interesting is my PTSD has been acting up and I’ve been vomiting again so I think it’s something to do with that. Even though I get it every now and again in phases with schiz. I’m on omeprazole and peppermint oil, along side a lot of herbal tea :blush: whenever I go through it I try not to panic as it just makes it worse, but it’s easier said then done.

I’m sorry you had to go through that and am glad you got through it, even though it’s obviously left an impression. I suppose we all get reminders of what we went through, I often find myself sleepless going over moments when I was at my most severe. It just intrudes itself, very rudely!

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