Weekend Plans

What is everyone doing for the weekend?

Tomorrow I am visiting friends from when I was in college and we are going to a craft brew and cigar smoke off event.

Tonight I am with my parents in their 67 Ford Galaxie 500 on my way to eat calzones. After that I am gonna see Detective Pikachu if I have time.

Who else has plans?


Geez That’s a lot.

I’ll be seeing my little nieces on Sunday and that’s about it.


It is a lot compared to my normal weekend of staying in and not doing anything. I am actively trying to do stuff though even if I don’t feel like doing much. YOLO if you will ha.

Are the neices younger?

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Yes, they’re all under 7. So it’s going to be mayhem for a few hours.


I’ve got a son and a daughter, son almost 3 and daughter is 5, I know this mayhem you speak of ha.

But it’s fun.


Im having dinner with my husband and friends Saturday at my house


Hoping my little niece is home and out of hospital today so will go down with dad and see her.


Listening to music on youtube and visiting this site. Work tomorrow an Sunday at 4. So just try to get some spring cleaning done between now and then. Monday is one of my days off. Going to a circus but with motor cross an monster trucks along with some acrobatics.
sounds fun. hope it isnt’ to loud.



Nothing like always. Watch Netflix until I fall asleep in my recliner. Go to bed. Drive myself crazy not being able to sleep. Get up watch more Netflix. Feel like crap after taking meds.

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I am gonna have to reschedule my detective Pikachu viewing, damn busy restaurant.

My nephew is coming home from initial training in the Army tomorrow for a bit before he ships off to South Korea. Not sure what we will do.

I told him barber poles :barber: mean something different in South Korea and to stay away but he will figure it out on his own I am sure.


I have a guess as to what barbers poles mean but am I right?

Two barber poles in South Korea means it’s a house of prostitution. If you go in there looking for just a haircut you will get more than you bargained for.

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What about one pole? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

I was right ha.

If there is only one pole you can get a haircut there. But you see the double poles more often.

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I am sitting on my friends porch waiting for him to come back from garage sails with his wife.

Then I am going to a lake with him and I am assuming we are fishing. Then after that of course it’s cigars and craft beer.

I am excited for today!

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I’m driving to see my aunt in west Chester New York she’s giving me a bit of a hair trimming. She owns a wig shop. She went to hair dressing school so she knows how to cut hair. She’s working today I’m going in to her shop. Then we’re probably gonna get a bite to eat. Then maybe I’ll see my friend who lives in west Chester. Then maybe my other friend later at night when I’m back.

I just got my hair cut last night or afternoon I guess it was. It’s usually nice to get a haircut.

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So far I’ve been painting my warhammer miniatures. Tomorrow I’m going to go down to games workshop to play the game with all the scenery they have there.

I’ve also been walking my dog as usual. I’m currently enjoying some wine.