It's the weekend

So I’m not worried about sleeping in. Going to watch some TV or a movie and flake out on my recliner.


Sounds like a plan. Hope you enjoy! :slight_smile:

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Im working today my weekend only starts and finishes tomorrow. MY proper weekend is Tuesday and Wednesday.

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Mrs. Squirrel is away for a funeral and I have the house to myself. Am actually putting in two days extra work on our activities backlog at my day job so I can have some time off in lieu with the Missus later. Days off are always better with the wifey.



It’s the weekend here in Minnesota too. How about that? So today I have a cousin’s wedding. Not sure if I can tolerate a huge crowd considering yesterday was somewhat stressful so not sure if I’m going to attend it. She’s very popular in town so it will be packed. There is that whole proximity sensor system I have and I know it’s gonna go ■■■■ wild if I need to be a canned sardine for hours.

Gosh I’m getting chest flutters just thinking about it.


I only work Monday and Tuesday, and not until 3 pm. So I can sleep whenever. I usually don’t go to bed until 6 or 7 in the morning.

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Hope you enjoyed the sleep in.:slightly_smiling_face:

Weekend here too.

Saturday I have spent at home with my dog.:heart:
I spent the whole day watching 24.
Really enjoying dog by my side and the occasional break to take my dog for a walk.

Tomorrow Sunday my dog and I have been invited for breakfast with family.
Sounds like a nice outing.
Hope my darn cold sores are gone by then.they are looking pretty huge n horrid.

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When I try to do something that freaks my freak, I think about step by step events. In each of those, I come to an understanding that I can leave, smoke, hide in the bathroom, etc. If you give yourself ways to quickly leave, it might help you stay.

I hope this is as clear as.mud lol

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Might try to watch a movie, endgame, , but maybe not since I have trouble focusing.

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