We the People (so to speak)

I hope this thread will be okay, I’m not advocating for any political party, quite the opposite. What I’d like to talk about today, is how broken the system is in which parties operate. Polarization is a huge problem in the States, as well as here in Canada. Where the two sides have just degenerated down to the mentality of school children, kicking each other in the shin and calling each other names.

When I was working in computer programming, I came across the term “corporate illness”. It’s when most if not all of the employees of a company, have developed a bad attitude, resentments against management, unheard grievances. It makes the entire operation sick in a sense.

So there are actually companies that go in, and from a completely unbiased point of view, bring the corporation back to a healthy state. They get management talking with workers, rebuilds communication channels, changes workers’ attitudes and makes sure going forward that their concerns are heard. Basically, put the business back on its feet, and return it to a healthy, productive and successful state.

So what’s my point? Why can’t we the people, insist that such a ball-busting company be brought into our governmental system at large, and bring about peace between parties once and for all. I don’t mean that they will ever agree, but as one writer put it you have to be able to sit down and work with someone, who you wouldn’t want to have dinner with. They have a responsibility to the people, to act in the best interest of the people. That’s a global statement, no support whatsoever for any side. They’re all wrong as it stands

Is it possible for people to take control back from a system that is swallowing its own tail?

Please keep in mind, this is speaking of a system-wide problem. It has absolutely nothing to do with individual parties. Is this cool to discuss?

Companies where employes feel good and No workplacebullying etc get more profit and goes better. (Ive read this)

Yeah its sad its a problem.

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I’m always surprised how polarized things are, it’s almost 50/50 every election. No room for other parties.


I have a lot of grievances with the American right. I’ll leave it at that though.

(Not saying the lefties have always been right).

Sorry but this is getting too political.

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