We have Schizophrenia and we don't know words like "Anhedonia" "Avolition" etc

We have Schizophrenia and we don’t know words like “Anhedonia” “Avolition” etc

I don’t know.

Do you know?

I am simply aware that this 36 year old single male guy don’t know his very own paranoid schizophrenia.

Few months ago I came to know " Anhedonia "

and today I came to know " Avolition "

What a pity.

I spent ages looking this up, so I’m helping everyone cheat by posting this!

Anhedonia inability to feel pleasure in normally pleasurable activities.

Avolition as a symptom of various forms of psychopathology, is the decrease in the motivation to initiate and perform self-directed purposeful activities.


I hate those clinical words invented by doctors that only observe, they don’t have to live it.


i learned those words only to forget them, thanks for reminding me but i forgot again lol


same here, I can’t even read the webpages

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I know it very well

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I know the words and the symptoms. The word that describes me best, however, is obstreperous.


Is paranoia a positive or negative symptom?

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And what if you’re positive they’re out to get you? I know, right?

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I don’t know. I’m pretty sure, but I wouldn’t say I’m positive.

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Anosognosia : lack of insight/self-awareness

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What did you mean by posting that?

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I know exactly what you mean. I had schizophrenia for ten years, only later to find out they don’t want me to think I have it anymore, and that I have Bipolar1. This is based on not having hallucinations. It has nothing to do with recovery. If I had recovered I would have acknowledgement. My mother is in the mental hospital with psychosis, and somehow my ten years of schizophrenia was suddenly “mood related” which makes no sense because I feel nothing. And that’s exactly what the issue is. Thank you for posting this.

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I’ve Schizophrenia and I am unable to read these three webpages.

Several years ago some guy posted " I can’t read " and

some other guy made a joke out of it, at least it looks like that.

I figured out that his Brain is not cooperating with him.

It’s like parts of brain are not cooperating other parts of his very own brain.

Now, I can’t read.

Really, I can’t read and I didn’t read all the above posts.

Also I didn’t read the three webpages to which I posted the website links.


I can’t read.

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Just relax and let it pass. sometimes you can’t and its a great difficulty to make out the letters.
But just one word at a time, then one sentence, then a paragraph.

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Perfect advice. Thanks a lot. In real time we miss such great things.

I had lots of trouble in my life.

Recently I came up with this and it solved my MIND-HELL.

Solution to my very own MIND-HELL is

Everything is nothing but existence. Which existence?

and I have a sticky note on my Windows 8.1 desktop

+ve wait

So… this helps [ Everything is nothing but existence. Which existence? ] and [ +ve wait ].

You advice is lot like [ +ve wait ] but more meaningful. Thanks again.

More meaningful — [quote=“katwomansz, post:15, topic:49087”]
Just relax and let it pass. sometimes you can’t and its a great difficulty to make out the letters.But just one word at a time, then one sentence, then a paragraph.

Everything we are, is nothing but being Schizophrenic. Every day passing by, we turn out as Schizophrenics but not losers. We are not losers but Schizophrenics indeed.

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Schizophrenia is not that bad. Actually, I’m not pre-occupied with being “normal” as much, just surviving and striving to succeed. For some reason Strattera helped me the most, and so did Vyvanse. They made me more calm and less restless and un-motivated.

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All my life I lived without motivation and without goals and now I know why. Avolition it is.

It’s nothing but Schizophrenia.

Big picture is Schizophrenia


attention to details is

detail — anhedonia

another detail ---- avolition

yet another detail … etc