We got some snow

It snowed and in this morning I went to ride my bicycle in snow. I do not have winter tires in my bike and so I had to be careful. How is your weather, do you have any snow?


Nope, no snow yet and it’s +3c today. Yesterday it was sunny +11c which is alot. It felt like spring for a while.

I bought a used winter coat. I also bought a parka that I’m going to use as soon as it starts snowing.

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I wore my fur hat already.


We have snow here in Minnesota

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No snow here yet, we usually get snow in January/February

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I love snow :snowflake::cloud_with_snow:. It rarely snows in Texas.

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We’ve had snow. But not too much yet

No snow yet in the NYC area!

I’ve not seen proper snow in years, just a light dusting that melted by the time I got out of bed. I miss deep snow. I miss skiing too, but can’t do that here anyway because the land is all flat :expressionless:

We had snow in my part of Canada but it melted instantly.


It’s snowing at some parts of my region

Never snows here. Which is fine by me.

Where are you from @Pandy?

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Well, I’m not from South Florida, but unfortunately I live here now. I’m from NYC (born in Brooklyn), and then before I moved to Florida, I lived in LA for almost 10 years.


It snowed here too

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No snow in Delaware

Lots of snow, and -21 Fahrenheit, so it’s actually too cold to snow right now…this is in Alaska. We get more snow when it’s above zero.

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We got -1C last night. But no snow yet as the air has been pretty dry recently.

We have snow today here.

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