We don't treat @#$% like people so don't treat people like @#$%

I got idea from a sign I read “We don’t swim in your toilets, don’t pee in our pool.”
Does that make sense?


LOL! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That needs to be a poster!

Who exactly are you directing this toward?

Aw crap, lol…

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If you don’t know, Daze, I can’t tell you.

swim in a pool and piss in a toilet …or dive in a toilet n bath in a pool so confusing… any ways … so …

@daze, it’s not directed at anyone, it’s just something that chordy thought of as a slogan based on another slogan she saw.

Just had to edit the profanity out of the subject line. Please remember that the filters in the software don’t work for subject lines for some reason.


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Neat thread. Really. Enlightening

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i am bout to experience nirvana…