We are special imo

we fight battles no one knows about…surely galdiators in many respects


for each psychotic episode i had i want 1 million dollars, in composation in fairness before 2021 by any means possible kk

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Good sense of humor. Also I like the gladiator reference.

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thanks @darvodo a sense of humor is always a plus

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I wrote a poem about gladiators in college. There is some neat information on gladiators on the web!

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we are mind/gladiators we desreve rewards imo

i see the bigger picture

Aren’t you receiving benefits for having mental illness?

That’s your compensation right there.

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i am talking about millions sorry

No one is ever going to give you millions.

You have to work for it.

kk how millionaires since the lotto?

How many people play the lotto vs people that win the lotto?


A lot of the winners go broke within a couple years because they don’t know how to manage money.

I think you’re delusional about this lotto/compensation for mental illness thing.

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I don’t mean to be mean, but aren’t you Irish? Isn’t English your first language?
That sentence you wrote doesn’t make sense, you really should try harder with your grammar.

I think you wanted to ask how people become millionaires after winning the lotteries if nothing is handed out?

The truth is, sometimes money is handed out like that. But for most of us it isn’t. Life is unfair, and that’s just how it is.
If you expect things to just fall in your lap with no effort on your part, chances are they won’t.

yes i will think of you when i sipping champage and smoking cigars on a sunny island not to far ahead now

I sincerely doubt that.

Wishing and hoping doesn’t earn money.

Somehow Pedro’s discussions end up being about money, even though they start off as something else entirely…


composation is well earned money imo

did u get the money ?

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Not yet buddy, not yet. But once I do, half is yours as promised :wink:

don’t lie mate