I betrayed and nearly destroyed myself

Sad story but on a brighter note

Am on the mend since 2010

I will now celebrate this




I’m glad to hear it.


Long story after all the turmoil

but came out bran new on the other side

now I count my breaths in gratitude and joy

in directly

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Yes. Very nicely said.

Turmoil can deeply teach lessons.

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TBH I want some justice

in what I went through

answers or a big pay cheque

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What about the life lessons

And the newly found appreciation for life

That seems pretty neat on its own


Yes that is cool

but just putting out my view and dream

but if it doesn’t happen tbh I don’t mind

bottom line

Time will tell

enjoy ur night

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I dropped bomb shells on myself when I was in psychosis

In Tenerife in the year 2000

That would come in part from me. Why should I have to pay you if we have the same illness?

Because justice was invented before money and tax

Justice for what?

Are you throwing money at me then, too? I have the same illness. Also have some problems you don’t so I think I’m entitled to more. Where is it?

Different -heritage- culture- DNA- soul- ect

Don’t compare your problems to mine

Totally different life’s

Your soul is worth more than mine? How does that work?

who said that?


Inductive reasoning.

cheer up mate

I have noting against anyone on this internet trick

I’m not the one asking to be compensated for suffering. I would say I’m the more cheerful of the two of us.


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