We are failing people with severe mental illness. What can we do?


I believe a lot of the work on new drugs for the mentally ill is valuable research on other aspects of the brain too.

Just skimmed. I’m not a fan of institutions and medical wards for the mentally ill are so expensive in terms of care.

We need more societal and family approaches to treatment. For example. Why do sz people in third world situations have better prognosis? I tend to think the modern western world is stressful and isolational. Capitalism isn’t cutting the mustard with regards to human development and we need better, more community focused solutions to a whole range of illness/ disorders.

I think to put in simple terms our society is sick. We are just one of the groups who are affected by it.


The last time I stayed at a mental ward they said it cost the state about 400 euros a day for me to stay there. Probably 500 now. That’s enough to treat a lot of people in other ways. I think there are still too many institutions. But some people who need them don’t have access to them either, unfortunately. For many different reasons.


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@firemonkey send him to an instituion? Apparently he has not spent enough time in one to even imagine what goes on in them.