We all function differently

If I’m being honest with myself I would say I’m medium functioning. I still have episodes of hallucinations and confusion. Starting to think I always will. I need help eating properly, remembering to hygiene, and reality check with.

On good days when it’s quiet, and my motivation is there, I can help with chores around the house.

How functional do you think you are? Why do you think that?


I think I’m medium functioning as well. I work on the farm but I only do the absolute necessary jobs, the basics. There so much more work I should be doing I just don’t have the motivation, it’s not my negatives as such I don’t think, I keep thinking of the brother taking half the land and it further demotivtaes me. As chores around the house go, I light a fire once in a while but my mom does most of them. I would do them only I don’t get a chance to becuase she always has them done.

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I think I can do basic things although it’s effort ful.
Regarding work, full time is way too overwhelming and part time I’m not sure but I will try my best.

I find it hard to socialise with normies they have so much life. And I don’t.

I think my condition is improving I’m happy to say

Although I never know what’s around the corner with this illness.

I’d say I’m medium functioning


im medium functioning with the potential to be semi high functioning.

at the moment, I make most of my meals, do chores around the house, workout, and even garden in the spring and summer.

If I go back to work, I will consider myself high functioning. I think if I start working I will just make 2 meals a day, breakfast and pack a lunch. and then stop and get a meal from a restaurant for dinner.

I think I could go back to school, but sometimes worry my memory isn’t good enough to retain all the curriculum.

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This illness takes a toll on every one of us it seems.

For some of us it depends if we are judging on the psychosis/bipolar/schizoaffective/schizophrenia alone or are factoring in comorbids - ASD/dyspraxia/learning difficulties etc .

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Very valid point, I’m only taking into account my SZA.

I imagine being on the spectrum would come with its own set of challenges, and scales of functionality.

Maybe “how functional do you feel?”

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Due to anhedonia my functionality is pretty much only limited to the activities related to survival (grocery shopping, cooking simple or ready meals, and bathroom), and for some reason also checking this forum.

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Let’s just say when I had significantly less support I was doing significantly less well.

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Given my current situation (volunteering once a week, working 2-3 days for 4-hour shifts) , I think my functioning is alright.

I’m able to go to appointments, grocery shop, and go to the gym.

Eventually, I’d like to try working full-time again.


nods I remember living alone, unmedicated, lost in a delusional world, drunk, high, talking to myself, hardly sleeping, not bathing. Diet consisted of uncooked top ramen, meat sticks, and sunflower seeds.

You’re right, my support systems has also helped increase my functioning.

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One can’t overestimate how crucial a good support network/system is .


Like a lot of you, I feel like I’m medium functioning. I don’t really do a lot but I feel like I’m capable of more than I actually do. I was working almost full-time in fast food from January to August of this year but quit because I clearly wasn’t handling it well towards the end. I hope for a less stressful job that can actually remain part-time as I see it (two or three shifts of varying lengths a week).


I have episodes of low, medium and high functioning.

I dont really know where I stand in general though.

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Yeah I feel high functioning most of the time but I have a problem with consistency, which would be a problem if I were to try and hold a job. I think I can’t totally call myself high functioning if I’m still having rough days this often.

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I’d say I am medium to poor functioning. I am not always appropriate in work or social situations, I get daily migraines, I am hard of hearing, I have general degenerative osteoarthritis, I have negative symptoms of sza disorder, I suffer from frequent insomnia, and I have mild cognitive impairment which renders me unable to drive a car.

But, I cook my own food, do my shopping online, pay my own bills, set and go to my appointments, pray, do yoga, meditate and practice piano every day and just generally take care of business. I have one friend to my name and we associate daily mostly by phone. We generally are physically together on weekends. It’s a good life I suppose.

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Sometimes I really wonder. I work part time, take one college class at a time, live pretty independently, drive my car, manage my money,
any do everything to feed myself, make all my own appointments, and just take care of all my business. I also do all the neccasary cleaning in my apartment. I try to eat healthy and I take care of my own business. But I don’t have any friends though occasionally I have a chance when someone takes an in interest in me. I try to get out every day. But I have issues with neighbors and I really have to get it in gear and socialize more.


I think I’m medium functioning as well. I bathe, I cook, I clean, I manage my money (even though my bills are paid for me except my credit card debt) I get out of the house to run errands, I make and keep my own medical appointments, I manage my medications with a little supervision and a safety plan in place, I maintain relationships. I think that’s medium functioning.


I work full time. I also have a part time job now on top of that but have only done one day of that so far yesterday. I don’t shower every day anymore but I used to.

I feel bad every day but I guess I am high functioning. Schizophrenia still sucks no matter what you can do.

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I don’t know how to categorize my functioning. Mainly because I live in a (mostly) stress free bubble that I’ve somehow created.

But when I get stressed out my functioning takes a huge nosedive.

For example I can shop online for groceries. I can cook for myself (microwave meals not actual cooking). Etc.

I think I present myself as higher functioning than I actually am. I can pass as a normie for short periods socially.

So to answer your question I’d say lower-medium masquerading as higher-medium.