Watery semen from invega

Hey I was on 234mg of invega sust every 3 weeks since last August and it caused me to have retrograde ejaculation so I quit it March 3 and it took about 2 months for me to have some ejaculate but it’s just watery semen which means low sperm count. I’m getting my hormone levels tested soon, going to the doctor this week for it.
Has anyone got off invega and had regular ejaculations again?
Thank you

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It’ll take like 5-10 months to get back to normal.

are u on other meds now or u completely off?

They gave me 10mg ability to take but I haven’t been taking it consistently because idk if it will hurt me or help me in this reproductive sense

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It could be high prolactin. When I was on it my prolactin went sky high. They also gave me abilify to try and lower it but it didn’t work.

I’ve switched to only abilify now. It’s gone down a ■■■■ ton.

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I’ve had this issue from chloropromazine I’m currently weening off it. It didn’t bother me too much though as I could still orgasm and the up side was my wife stopped getting preggo.

Stop masturbating to your own reflection.

That’s kind of a strange thing to say. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Abilify didn’t cause me sexual problems other than making me hypersexual at 25mg, I was addicted to sex every hour.

Now I will take 5mg Abilify with my 3mg Risperdal for negative symptoms. Abilify is the only med that reduced my negative symptoms, my pdr said that too.

Abilify doesn’t increase prolactin (lowers sex drive) as much as other meds.

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Sadly abilify did raise my prolactin over the years. I hope that trend does not continue. Its not like way way way over the limit but it is over the limit

It does raise it but it raises it the least of all meds.

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I’m getting my testosterone and prolactin tested in a couple of days I hope the put me on a little test

I finally had a normal emission today and it was thick and normal with still some watery part to it but I feel much better now. I’m still waiting on my results for hormones.

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Yeah I got a call today and they said my prolactin is low so I am setting up a doctors appointment for that. Do they give anything for prolactin

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