Watching the Yankees vs twins

Pretty exciting so far!! But stressful. Well I find baseball exciting but that’s me. 5-4 Yankees right now. Playoff baseball!!


I’m a sports fan. My dad always told me that if you follow sports you’ll have a good conversation with a lot of people and it’s something that is true.

Cricket and baseball came out of the same game. It’s like Grid Iron and rugby. I can appreciate your enthusiasm and enjoy the game! May your team triumph in the end. I don’t watch a lot of baseball but cricket and baseball use a lot of the same skills!


I know very little about current baseball. The only twins player from the past that springs to mind is Harmon Killebrew. Yankees- Berra,Ford and Mantle. I hope your side won .

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Yankees won 10-4!!


After the Cubs were gone I was disappointed that the Brewers got put out too

they’ve been so close every year, and don’t get me started on the stinkin’ Cardinals.

Yankees are winning 7-0 in game 2. Didi gregorious just hit a grand slam.

Yankees looking good but astros pitching is incredible ughhhh

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