World series

Boston 4
Dodgers 1


Let’s keep going Boston!!


Yay Sox! 15151515151

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Cricket is so much a better game. It’s 22 yards the pitch but you have an option to change that and you have to bowl overarm. No throwing is allowed!

A much more gentlemanly sport and at it’s peak it’s a game played over 5 days!!! 9 innings of baseball is such a poor substitute.


Boooo I hate the Red Sox. I’d rather watch cricket than watch the Sox win :wink:

After a life of not being into sports, I just recently got into baseball. I watched the last 2 games of the series and actually was able to follow the game (but I still don’t know the players by name)

My dad and both his brothers loved sports so I’m thinking maybe a gene in my DNA got activated LOL :joy:

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did your team win

I’m not hearing it on the news this morning

I watched one game, then kinda lost interest

but if it’s sports, I do sit down and watch it

Yup my home town Boston won

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