Warning GoT spoilers

I watched last week’s game of thrones but I only saw one scene of this week’s. I stopped really watching it after Karl Drogo died. He and the Kalissi were my favorites. Now the Kalissi has just gone nuts and I’m sad about that because I really liked her.

And Egret? Omg. I knew she was a warrior but omg. She just stuck her spear through someone and kept going. I’m pretty sure she is going to kill John Snow. I know she still loves him, so I am pretty sure she will demand to be the one who kills him.

Soooooo much has happened since I last watched.

Also Little Finger has won the award for the biggest slime ball I have ever heard of.


You are going to poop a car when you watch the latest episode.

I really like how Daenerys’ character has evolved. It’s hard to tell if she will make it to Kings Landing though (I haven’t read the books).

My favorite character right now is Peter Baelish.