Wanting a new phone

I owned a iphone xs max for one and a half year but broke it beyond repair 2 months ago.Now i had a temporary phone which is a cheap huawei phone can browse internet an d watch video but the speed is very slow and sometimes it hangs.The newest iphone is expensive in my country,although i liked to have one but if possible i don’t want to add on to the burden of my parent.I have not been working for close to a year due to covid 19 and am stranded in my wife’s country,philippine.My parent had been sending lots of money for me and my wife,to be honest i am feeling guilty and should feel grateful because i had no need to face work and been provided financially.I should really not being obesessive about buying a new phone and just make do with what i have got atm as i really had nothing to worry about and are in a very relaxed situation

You can go here and search for a phone that fits your requirements and budget.

I’m not sure what phones would be available in the Philippines though.

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my father did said if this huawei phone is really difficult to use i can get a new budget phone.

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I love Xiaomi phones, I heard they will be #1. They’re #3 right now after Samsung and Apple.

They’re the best deal, got mine for 125$US. Octacore, 64Gb, 4Gb RAM, 6.53", 5020mah battery, etc

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I’ve never owned a cell phone…no interest in it. I call them electronic leashes.

I like my more minimalist lifestyle. Besides, if I’m ever in an emergency situation, everyone in the world has a phone on them so I’d just borrow it to make that call.

My new phone is a Xiaomi too. They have a lot of power for cheapy prices.

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