Want to be positive

How to be positive.?

Just be positive. It’s a mental decision

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Focus on good things, no matter how little. It can even be that the sky had a nice colour, or the busdriver was polite, or you enjoyed your meal. Force yourself to think of at least three positive things each day, even if they’re small.

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I have blurred my mind

I am bored to think about things

I am so depressed

Nothing makes me happy

I am in melancholy

I am closed myself up

Positive things positive matters

Love yourself spooky

This is old stuff I try to be happy for things I have but I am not happy

Mental patterns

Good day… had a good game with friend

Was in gym…

Positive things positive me

I don’t know how to be more positive and look to life in awe

W(at a beautiful creature I am

How to think that my life is good and be positive

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