Want to apologize to the mods

I just want to apologize for my posts with offensive memes. I don’t want to upset anyone. I really like this website. It’s been really helpful for me and helps me understand other peoples recoveries.


Thanks for your apology. It is a true sign of maturity to be able to admit to mistakes. We don’t hold a grudge. It has been a while since you posted something offensive, so it is obvious you have been putting in the effort to learn what is appropriate for here.

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I’m glad to know your not holding a grudge against me or anything. I will continue to try and be respectful.

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We are so glad to hear it! You are an important part of the community.


It feels good to hear that. I don’t always feel like I really belong anywhere. That makes me feel more hopeful. Thank you.

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Most of us are ‘good’ with sometimes a dash of mischeivious ‘evil’.

It’s that ooey gooey cosmic mix which makes us all human beings. :wink:

Don’t beat yourself up. You made amends now let it go.


Exactly. We dont hold a grudge, so neither should you. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. The important thing is that we keep improving. That is part of being in a supportive community. We hold each other to high standards, then help each other meet those standards.


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