Want a little budgie but afraid of it being neglected

Would love a little budgie myself but afraid I would neglect it.

I would love a little kitty or a puppy but can’t have as I live in a top floor flat so that the kitty couldn’t get out easily to the garden and if I had a puppy I would not be able to take it out much as I have college and volunteer work going on

I sure wouldn’t want to be no neglected budgie bird. I have always felt sorry for birds kept in cages. It’s like what did they do wrong to have to be locked up like that. If you want some pet birds ,then put a bird feeder in your backyard. … Just in defense of the innocents. I speak on their behalf.

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My dogs name is Budge…this is rather inducing a delusion of reference.

Buy a plant to take care of first. (One that’s easy to care for) If you can’t keep the plant alive, you probably can’t keep the bird alive.

From my experience small birds are not too difficult to take care of. They only nibble at their food so a full dish of birdseed for them can last a week or more, same goes for water, so you really only need to refill once a week. The hardest part of owning a bird is cleaning up after them. The poop is really annoying to scrape off a cage, and you’ll need to clean about once a week as well. Even if you put newspaper down it still gets everywhere. And you need to clip its wings regularly if you don’t want it to get away. You can take them to a vet to do this but at the animal camp I worked at we did it ourselves as it was cheaper. Also don’t put them by a window, because they can overheat or get cold and die pretty easy.

And of course give it love! :slight_smile: the more you handle it the more social it will be.

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I used to keep budgies - very nice pets, but now I keep goldfish instead. Less maintenance.