Waiting impatiently for mathematics books to arrive

I am eager to study mathematics.


What books did you order? :slight_smile:

Hello @zeno .
Books on Mathematical Analysis, Linear Algebra, Mathematical Logic, Set theory, Combinatorics,
Graph Theory, Geometry. Perhaps I missed something.
The books are in Russian.

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wow can you understand everything in Russian?

Yes @zeno I know Russian very well and it is my favorite language, and the mother tongue
of my parents as well.
And what I don’t understand I look up in a Russian-Russian dictionary.
The Judaism texts I read are also in Russian.


Interesting. My Jewish side is Russian, polish and Latvian. But mostly Russian :grimacing:

Is Judaism popular in Russia, aren’t there better text in Hebrew?

@zeno I love you very much, but I firmly reject your offer to study Judaism texts in Hebrew.
I prefer my Jewish religious texts in Russian, thank you very much.
And there are awesome resources about Judaism in Russian.
There are Jewish religious Russian speaking Jews in Israel and they spread and translate materials about Judaism in Russian.


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