Waiting for the med that will give me my life back

With the way things are going in my life i might as well sign up for the experimental drugs at least I would get paid doing that I saw at my treatment provider a sign that read that I would get paid being on experimental drugs drugs that haven’t been approved yet by the FDA in bethesda Maryland that was what they were doing several years back I found out about it in the reintegration magazine a magazine for folks with mental illness

I’ve been tuning about donating m brain to science lately because I don’t have a garden variety case of te schiz

Reintegration magazine they have a website

What the ■■■■ is that?

Magazine for people with mental illness they offer scholarships and perks for people with mental illness

Only 1% of the population has schizophrenia, so pharmaceutical companies are not going to make major investments unless additional incentives are provided.

It costs a lot of money for a medication to go from invention to market, so why should big pharma make a major investment in such a small market? Yeah, pharma companies will receive a patent (20 years from filing date or 17 years from date of grant). However, there are maintenance fees for patent holders that eat into profits.

Yes, I do want more effective medications for schizophrenia with less side effects, but pharma isn’t going to make them unless the pay back is a lot more than it currently is. Until that happens big pharma will continue making medications for diabetes and high cholesterol.


The big pharma doesn’t lose any money. They are the #1 profit making company in the world.
Besides, they get government subsidies and fundings to come up with something that works.
I still find it ironic that so many people want a drug that works, but so few of us are willing to test the new stuff out.


What new stuff are you referring to? Do you mean participate in medication trials?

I hope that they find a cure soon, although I won’t keep my fingers crossed. It takes a notoriously long time for new drugs to come out (especially ones that actually work).

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If we reduce regulations and streamline the process we’ll get more meds in less time, but we don’t want meds that are either useless or harmful.

Yeah, we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

I wonder how many who are complaining about slow progress donate towards research. Research into mental illness is seriously underfunded.


I’m not sure if people even understand enough about Schizophrenia to come up with a cure. Usually you have to know the precise mechanisms of a disease before you can cure it. So far we don’t really know (as far as I know).



That’s an excellent point.

@SzAdmin posted something about how the Trump administration was going to lessen the time that it takes drugs to get out there. Don’t know how I feel about that though.

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It’s too late to make much difference for me now but I donate for the sake of future and younger generations.


I’m about to try abilify myself hoping i can lose some weight and maybe get my speech back, hopefully march will go smoothly, if it does i will continue with abilify. I am already on rexulti and that is very similar to abilify, chances are i wont notice any difference

How many of us on here have ever participated in a trial for Sz of any kind?
@TheGreatestDrZen is one I know of…any others?
And if not, what’s your reason?

the most widely used atypical antipsychotic drug is quizlet.

No. I don’t know if we have them here and I am happy with my meds. They don’t solve all my problems with sz, but you can do a lot yourself with your sz if you have the right attitude and good support.